About Miller-Bevco


Founded in 1965 by Don and Beverly Miller as a letter shop service in Kansas City, Miller/Bevco has grown to become a locally owned company that does business in 47 states. Miller/Bevco moved from being a lettershop company in the late 1970ís and added tying machines and taping machines to its offering. Miller/Bevco offers Unique Packaging Solutions with solutions for labeling, strapping, banding, tying, taping, stretchwrapping and shrink wrapping. Miller/Bevco also ships to Canada and Mexico as well as importing products from the far East.

Brooks Miller, son of the original founders, purchased the business in 2001. Brooks worked in the company in high school and college servicing and installing systems for Miller/Bevco. Upon graduation from College Brooks ran the Texas office for 13 years before returning to Kansas City to purchase Miller/Bevco. The company conducted business out of its S.W. Blvd location in Kansas City from 1973 until 2009 when the company moved to its new offices in Lenexa, Kansas.

Miller/Bevco continues to add to its product offerings as well as manufacturing some Unique labeling machines for the printing and publishing trade.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest price possible. To provide the highest quality customer service by keeping the customerís needs in mind at all times.

To offer a growth environment for our staff in order to maintain staffing for the long term. To continue to offer training for our support staff so we can best serve our customers.

To make all our expansion decisions based on how it will affect our bottom line, so our overhead and low prices can be maintained.

To continue to give back to the community by providing employment, highly trained volunteers and support for worthy community projects.